Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, not far from where I’m staying this visit.

As I write this, I’m currently in London. When I go back to the States (Indiana) on Saturday, I will have been here for three weeks, working most of the time on a business trip. I’ve had a great experience though especially on weekends – saw a lot of the city, drank in a bunch of pubs, a packed day trip around England, and spent my 25th birthday in Paris.

I love traveling, eating, and absorbing different cultures. England isn’t super different from the US, really – same language, very similar customs and a modern democratic, Western society. But I notice lots of little things and always want to share them. Words and phrases in British English are my favorite, and then there are things like how they don’t do tips at bars or pubs and that there are two rival mail services. Lots of little quirks that are interesting to a foreigner like me, so I’ve been sharing them with my European coworkers as well as tweeting and facebooking to share with my American peeps. My coworkers suggested I create a blog to talk about my experiences, so here I am!

Once I get a visa this summer, I’ll actually be moving here to London for a year to help get my company’s new UK office going. This is a fantastic opportunity, and I’m really excited, because other than through a job it’s very hard for an American to legally move to another country. London is a huge and amazing city, but I plan on traveling around the rest of the UK and Europe too because everything is relatively close together. On this blog I’ll share my experiences with both living abroad and traveling to new places. I hope you enjoy it! I also love feedback (as I think most bloggers do), so please join in the conversations about words and culture and things I encounter.

Eiffel Tower

France says the Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Europe, but England says it’s The Shard in London.



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