Eating my way around the world

ImageThe image above may look like an incomplete coloring book page – and I seriously considered printing it out and coloring it, but I don’t have my markers with me. But it’s actually a map of all the places I’ve eaten food from, some in those countries themselves.

There may be some more I’ve eaten in the past, but I only filled in the countries for which I specifically remember eating one or more of their dishes. I love lists and maps, and this is like a list in the form of the map – what could be better?! It also gives me a chance to refresh my world geography skills!

I’d like to get some more of these colored in before leaving the multi-cultural, food-happy city of London. I know I especially have a lot of South American and African foods to try. Which ones should be at the top of my list?


One thought on “Eating my way around the world

  1. Salvadoran food! Pupusas, specifically. They’re little tortilla pouches filled with any combination of pork, cheese, or beans (I haven’t had pork since I generally don’t like pork, but I prefer the bean and cheese to just cheese). They come with this AMAZING slaw that you should eat on top of the pupusas; it really brings out the flavors. Even Tom likes them, and he hates almost everything that’s not Americanized.

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